A Younique Opportunity

Are you ready be a part of one of the fastest growing direct sales company in the entire world? Younique is currently open for business in United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Germany, United Kingdom, France and now Spain 2016. Younique opened the doors November 1, 2012 as a mission based company of Uplifting, Empowering & Validating woman around the Globe.

“When my brother and I started Younique, it was to truly uplift, empower and validate women all over the world. We want all women to know their worth as human beings. To have self-esteem and experience the success that comes from positive treatment and personal growth. To feel beautiful-inside and out.” –Melanie Huscroft, Younique Co-founder and CSO

Being a Presenter is easier than ever! We have broken the mold on the traditional direct sales model in many ways! We give you the flexibility of working your business from anywhere. We believe you shouldn’t have to wait for your commissions. When you make a sale, we think you deserve your money as quickly as possible! Within three hours of making a sale on your personal website, your earnings from that sale are deposited into your very own account.

You will not believe this next part!

Younique has zero outside investors and we are blessed enough to have a founder who put his own money up. Even better, we are already on the profit side and completed our 5 year business plan model in under 2 years. That means you will never be charged a thing once you initially join with your business starter kit! Even your very own E-Commerce website is FREE!

There is no need for inventory or stock and there is NO autoships. Our website, which is live the second you register, ships from warehouses to your customer for you. The customer covers their own shipping expense or uses the option to get free shipping with $100 + order(US).

Our System is Simple!

You may be wondering, how do I actually work my Younique business? Did you know we operate using social media? We use social media to host parties for our friends and family. Catalog and home parties are time of the past- unless you choose it!

If you can post pictures on your Facebook and help brand the products, Younique’s image and yourself — you can do this with us!

Outside social media use the gift of gab to tell everyone you know. Have your girl friends over for Mimosas and Mascara or Lattes and Lashes! Office parties, lash baskets and work events in your area! The opportunity is endless and begins with YOU loving the products.

When you join with Younique, your new business will be supported by your sponsor! Choosing someone who has the same goals, drive and ambition as you is very important! If you choose Rebecca to be that, then you will have access to all of her team training and be able to work one on one with one of the top leaders in the company! Rebecca prides herself in her ability to train new presenters and enable them to create a long-lasting business as a Leader in Younique.

Is your younique wish list a mile long

Want to get ALL your cosmetic products at a discount? It’s easier than you think!


The starter kit includes everything you need as a Younique presenter.

You will get $225 worth of makeup supplies for only $99 USD + tax & shipping.

As a Younique representative you’ll get …

    • A Discount on all Younique products.  20 – 30% off retail price!
    • A chance to meet tons of other creative people at Younique events and in our online communities.
    • Share your love of makeup and get paid to do what you love! If you want to make money, you can and you can do it all on your terms—your schedule, your way.
    • Sneak Peeks and First Access to New Products – Be the first to see new products and have opportunity to get them before anyone else!

Included in Presenter Kit:

  • Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+, Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palette (palette will vary), Precision Pencil in Perfect, Opulence Lipstick in Upscale, Splurge Cream Shadow in Tenacious, Cream Shadow Brush, Lucrative Lip Gloss in Lovesick, Liquid Foundation Sampler, Skin Care Sampler, Pigment Sampler, Bronzer Sampler, Blusher Sampler, Shade Stick for Mineral Touch Cream and Powder Foundations and BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer.
  • White Status Charm (on purple ring)
  • Free business website – no monthly fees
  • Instant Access to the Younique Virtual Party System™ (start hosting parties immediately)
  • $30 CAD Younique Cash on your birthday, annually
  • PayQuicker Younique bank account
  • Younique Cosmetics and Skincare Catalog
  • Younique Presenter Guide
  • All of this comes in our signature black faux leather, embossed Younique case.

Start your business strong with Younique’s Presenter Kit!


BONUS! Learn new Makeup techniques! 


I talk to so many women that tell me how intimidating makeup can be, well I know for a fact that it does not have to be! With a few simple techniques and great products, you can transform your daily makeup regime. From skincare, your everyday look, day to night, smokey eye, bold lips and much more, you can easily learn each look and make it your own to suit your style and personality.  The best part, it is so much fun and by sharing these techniques with your friends and customers, your Younique business could explode!

By clicking the link below to order your starter kit, you will receive access to 5 Different Looks in 5 Minutes classes for FREE!  Each class contains step by step video instruction as well as a written list of products used in the demonstrations.  You can watch me apply each from start to finish!  It’s never been easier to get started and learn. I am here to help you succeed!

If you want to turn your hobby into a business Have lots of questions? You will find answers and gain access to top professionals from our industry in our private Facebook groups and training pages.

Before makeup application could have been daunting.  Now it’s super easy to learn and run it on social media, just ask me how.

Order your Starter Kit Now!

Y - Sister Stories
  • It has changed me in more ways than I ever imagined!! I used to be shy, self-conscious, and found it hard to make new friends. Even though I had been part of other companies, this was one that was different! After trying the mascara I never felt more confident and beautiful. It opened me right up to the idea that I could do this. I made so many new friends through this opportunity, amped up my knowledge of makeup and the industry of networking. I gained a whole new sense of self and make money to help take care of my family. The support and love and positivity of our team is what makes me proud to be a Younique presenter.

    Sheri-Lynne McGilvery
  • When Younique came to me I had just lost a lot that year including the loss of my parents. I also lost a lot of family because sometimes death brings out the hatefulness and greediness, I was in charge of a lot and not a lot agreed with my choices. Then you guys came. I can sit here and say I was able to resign because financially I replaced my income, but the sisterhood was far more my favorite out of this all. Confidence, you helped me a lot with that, I was never a very confident person and I still work on that daily…so thank you sisters and my new, forever family.

    Crystal L
  • As a single mom, Younique has helped take some of my financial burden. My commissions have helped pay bills so I don’t get behind, or to take my son out on a mother/son date. My Y-sisters are always there for guidance when I don’t know what I’m
    doing, or just for support.

    Hailey R
  • Hi my name is Lynn Durette and I am a Blue Status Presenter with Younique I joined the company almost 2 years ago now WOW time flies. I was drawn to Younique at first because of the high end quality products and the affordable pricing.

    Lynn D