$119CAD, $99USD, $129AUD, $129NZD, £69GPB, $1725MEX, €107 GER/FR

You will earn 10-14% back in Younique Cash which you can use to purchase makeup for free PLUS when you place an order, you get paid (20-30%) commissions back on your own order (within three hours of the sale!)

What if I quit?

There are ZERO fees ever. If you decided to quit– its just that! No fee for not selling.

Your website is free for life and paid for by Younique Corporate. If someone wants to place an order they do it online and then the company ships for you!  Shipping is $10 for orders under $100, $7.50 for orders $100 to $199.99 in Canada and orders over $200CAD ($100US) includes FREE shipping.  Each country has its own shipping rates along with FREE shipping options.

To remain active and get paid commissions you need to sell $125 in PRS over a rolling 3 month period.

Ex: You could sell $5 PRS in July,  $20 PRS in August and September $100 PRS and remain active. *Your royalty points will reflect the accurate amount that you earn from orders placed through your website.

You are paid with a Payquicker account. You will receive a Mastercard debit card when you have $50 in commissions. Before that happens you can access the account at anytime and transfer to your personal bank account for use!

You are paid 3 hours after a sale through your website. You are paid 20% of your first $1,000 in sales and then 25% for LIFE (NEVER LESS). As you move up into our Elite status you will be paid up to 30% on your personal sales and 3-6% on your generations.

As you start selling you will be paid commissions and Younique product cash. I teach my team how to earn Y-cash and half priced items to use towards free stock, customer incentives and flash sales, these sales mean pure profit for you. I advise little to no stock and if you do keep stock 3-4 mascaras is good enough!

We do 90% of parties through social media. Our website generates the hostess her own website that links to ours. Hostess then gets the Younique cash and presenter gets the commissions. Hostess parties rewards are good for up to a year.

We have an entire skin care and makeup line that is naturally based, chemical free, paraben free and toxin free. 98% of our products are gluten free. As Mukhtar (our Chief  Scientist) says, “Uniting science and nature is our focus at Younique as we continue to select the finest, safest, cleanest, and most effective cosmetics ingredients.”  No animal testing!

You can see more on products here.

The same way I help presenters that do live near me! All support / training is done via Facebook, email or other various social media channels.  We have our own team groups uploaded with CONSTANT motivation and ideas. I like to think “motivation is like bathing, it doesn’t always last. SO, you need it daily!”

Yes! How much you make is up to you. Many presenters use their income to support their makeup addiction, but there are also presenters that make as much or more than they did at their full-time jobs.